Cameras & Content


OB1 is our purpose built broadcast van with a base level of 2 cameras, graphics, video play out, programme record, audio monitoring and switching. Its a great start to any event. Add up to 4 additional cameras and you have a full van to cover everything from concerts to sports events.

Fly Away Kit

The Road-cased fly away kit is ideal for when the van platform is not required. Again comes with everything you require to get a show up and running. Mostly used for concerts, netball and corporate events. Currently we can run up to 5 cameras plus graphics into the system.

Sports Presentation

One of our specialties is Sports Presentation. Early in the season we create graphics and then come game day we help to deliver the in stadium experience to its fullest. As a Base we have two cameras on the ground to cover all match enhancements in addition to any graphics and video play out requirements.


Graphics Creation

Looking to create graphics to go on the screens? We can help you with that too! Anything from still images to animation and video, ask away and we'll get one of our team on to your next creation.


Our Rental Solutions Include

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    Outdoor Displays

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    Cameras & Content

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    LED Sports

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  • Indoor Screen

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